Life Cover

There are many forms of life cover that you can take out. It is very important to make sure that you have adequate cover for your needs.

1. Mortgage Protection Cover

Is decreasing life cover and this type of cover is usually used to protect a mortgage or loan

2. Level Term Cover

Provides a fixed amount of life cover for a fixed term that does not reduce over the term of the policy

3. Convertible Term Cover

This can be included in a level term assurance policy at inception allowing you to continue your cover after the initial policy term for another specific term without providing medical evidence. This is advantageous, because if health has deteriorated, then the availability of cover is nevertheless guaranteed. The new cover will depend on the terms and conditions applying to the life cover options that are available from Life Company at the time of conversion.

4. Whole of life insurance

Some insurers offer life policies that insure you for your whole life, or for as long as you want to keep paying premiums. The cost of these policies is higher than with basic term life insurance and can increase at regular intervals.

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